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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jason Bryggs Thinks There Are Too Many MPs.

"Well, seriously, do we need so many?

In addition to the 646 MPs, there are 756 Lords. For a population of 60 million.

The USA has a population of 300 million.

Its House of Representatives has 450 members, and its Senate 100 Senators.

If Britain were to copy this proportionately, she would need 90 MPs and 20 Lords.

Which would save the tax-payer £407 million per annum.

But there is a cruel down-side to this.
There would be an awful lot of unemployment as a result - secretaries, aides, researchers, family members, cleaners, gardeners, manufacturers of oven gloves, bath plugs……

And it would be very difficult for redundant MPs, as so few have anything in their cv's that would appeal to an employer.

So reducing the number of MPs seems unlikely. A pity, because there are only 427 seats in the House of Commons - which means 219 MPs have nowhere to sit when there's a big debate!"