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Monday, 10 November 2014

Cross-over Character. The Mysterious Dobri Den appears in another John Problem book.....

.......'The Search for Gabriella'.  Here he is.....

I called Dobri Denn who suggested we meet for
a drink up the road from the gallery, in the
Rivoli Bar at the Ritz.
"Tackiest bar in town," he said. "But it's
convenient and it was Edward's favourite."
It was indeed the tackiest bar in town and still
is; gilt everywhere, gilded alcoves with
scalloped ceilings, plus back-lit naked nymphs,
leopard-skin covered bucket seats, huge ugly
onyx vases, plastic chandeliers, art deco barstools.
The only people there when I arrived
were the barman polishing glasses and a man
sat in an alcove, who jumped up and stuck out
his hand.
"Mr. Fletcher? How glad I am to see you. I am
Dobri Denn. Please call me Dobri." And he
motioned me to sit. Dobri Denn had a broad,
honest face, bright blue eyes and a muscular
"I am very sorry about your uncle. Edward was
a fine man and a good friend. So may I
suggest we drink to him? And may I suggest
the cocktail named in honour of the painter,
Giovanni Bellini. Edward's favourite painter.
And Edward's favourite drink," said Dobri.