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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

So, it will soon be Election Time - so where are our leaders?

On the Election Trail of course.  Where else?  They think if they chat up the voters, they'll stay in power.  But they never get to talk to any voters!  The only people they dare talk to are their own party members.  Indoors.  They don't want a ripe tomato in the chops, which could well happen if they went out on the streets.  They're not stupid, you know.

Anyway, I've been trying to think of something I could sell - bring in a bit more bonus and earn me some brownie points with Dave and Nick, in case they get re-elected.  I'm not sure I'm Ed's type, really. I could work for Nige but he won't get to be PM of course.  So I drew up a short list (OK, I had drunk a tad of whisky before writing this list) of State items I could put on the market:

Chequers  (This would only work if Dave reckons he'll be delisted)
The Athenaeum Club  
Scunthorpe Secondary Modern
The M25  (The Chinese might be interested)
The tax-payers' subsidy to Covent Garden Opera House (It's a lot and could be re-sold at a profit)
A lease on the House of Commons for 5 days a week.  (It's hardly used now)
The NHS (No, our leaders already started on that)
And that's about it, really.
In any event, neither Dave nor Nick will be very much interested in doing anything for the poor old country just now. They are a bit pre-occupied these days, as if they see the apocalypse approaching......