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Monday, 18 May 2015

All Change at Westminster. An Up-to-Date Report from JAson Bryggs.

I now work for Dave and George. I thought I might not appeal to George, him being a bit obsessed with the numbers and me not being an accountant, much less a CFO from the City.
But him and Dave approved another year on my contract. Plus the car and the bonus. So, why not? Pity about Nick – he was an easy-going sort of guy. But there you go. British politics. Can you believe the winners represent only 24% of the populace? Honest. Do the numbers.

The first thing I did was to ask them if I could sell off the NHS. They gave each other a quick look and I was instructed to stay away from it. Then I asked them if I could sell the BBC. Wow! That got a lot more attention! Dave asked me if I could really do it. George listened intently. I said, of course I could, no problem. In my head I was rapidly reviewing potential buyers – Murdoch, Dubai, Branson, EDF, the odd oligarch or two.... But the PM told me to do nothing and that he would advise when I should start seeking buyers. I don't know why he wants me to do it – they could sell it off at the drop of a hat to one of their mates.

This is a lousy job, selling off British assets to pay the National Debt, but somebody has to do it.....
so why not me? And the bonus is great.