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Thursday, 14 March 2019

The View from Abroad - what foreign politicians say about ours...


We have obtained the following statements from the speakers themselves to whom we are indebted.

Michel Barnier, Brussels. (1)

Ah, Bon Dieu!”

Monsieur Macron, France.

“I have little time for these Tories, and least of all for those who are always trying to tell we in Europe what we must do when they have not got a clue what they are doing.”

Madame Merkel, Germany.

“For me, the work ethic is the strongest bond of Europe. Without this, nothing. I do not perceive a work ethic with the present government of Britain. Banal und dumm.”

President Trump, USA.

“It's a little nauseating, the way their guys are always cozying up to us and talking about the special relationship. Can't they understand that the USA needs a special relationship with a whole lotta countries?”

President Putin, Russian Federation.

“Russia has very good relations with Britain – especially in Chelsea. And Kensington. And Harrods. Because we invest there.”

Secretary General Xi Jinping, China.

“Go dae secy yu. Shaozu. Ye heng de. Sha gua!”

(Our translator says these words mean:
Go dae secy yu. Fish, vegetable, chicken soup.
(Perhaps this is an arcane reference to the House of Commons restaurants.)
Shaozu. Bring honour to ancestors.
(A glance back at famous politicians?)
Ye heng de. Wild one.
Sha gua! Shut up.

President Kim Jong Un, North Korea.

“No way am I going to waste one of my precious bombs on them!”

Michel Barnier, Brussels (2)

“Ah non! Not again!”