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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Les Ambitions Europeennes du President Macron.

[This is a translation of my recent interview with President Macron.

'What are your main ambitions, Monsieur le President?'

'I have two of them. To become President of the European Union.
And to punish Britain.'

'I can understand the first. But why do you want to punish Britain.
What for?'

'Three reasons. The stupidity of their desire to leave the EU. Their school-boy attitude to the EU. And the gross vulgarity of their Trade Minister. I explain.
One. Their referendum was intended as a political support for that old Etonian Cameron. It didn't work. What a fine legacy! Their politicians are always talking about the will of the British People. But less than a quarter of the British voted to leave!
Two. That conceited fool, Rees-Mogg, opined that Britain should be as obstructive as possible during its remaining time in the EU. Block the budget, the potential army, and further integration and be the most difficult member of the EU.'

'And the third?'

'Need I say? That salaud of a Trade Minister you have. He said of me – is he still sleeping with his grand-mother? A disgusting, sickening and inexcusable comment. A fine English gentleman he is. And he knows nothing about trade. So there you have it. Enough reason to justify my wish to punish Britain, I think.'