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Friday, 26 July 2019

Vladi and I.

Today I had a message from Vladimir Putin, whom I met when he was a cop in St. Petersburg.
We've kept in touch on and off, mostly by e-mail, which is safe and innocent for him.

“Dobriye den, Jason,
I hope you are well despite all horrible things happening in your birthplace.
So, I observe your country is no longer democratic! Is great shame you leave our community of fairly elected leaders. Very regrettable.
How can you allow only 92,000 old white men elect your leader? Is incredible! All the nations of the world revere England's fair ways, her brave speakers for the people, the great fairness of her society. But now you throw away democracy and allow only 0.15% of your electorate to put in place a new leader of your country. 0.15%!! And they are all old white conservative voters who have paid £10 each to vote! In Russia cost much more to vote!
And the new leader is man of dubious morality, a shouter, a self-confessed intellectual! Who is not representative of the people – he go to private school where only 7% of children go in your country! How could you do this, John? Is incredible! And he wants so desperately to leave the EU.! What is wrong here? Leave the EU and your country die, economically. Your country die diplomatically. Your country die!
Come and see me in Moscow – we work something out for you.
Budem, Jason!

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