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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Ad. The University of Political Formation

“Suppressi Veri. Suggesti Falsi”
A Place of Learning for Britain’s Future Leaders
A Selection of Curriculum Courses:
Beliefs. Do they help?
Debating. The grunt, the groan, the jeer.
Dealing with the Media. Evasion, Non-response, Counter Attack, Condescension.
Teeth, Hair, Clothes and Family. Each one needs careful adjustment.
Black, Gay, Eastern European, Scottish. How to cope.
Managing Allowances. Maximising Expenses. (Early sign-up recommended.)
Using the Recess (your holidays) for Profit.
Cultivating the Whips and Ratting on Colleagues.
Visions, Values, Change, having a pint at a local. talking about ‘hardworking British families.‘ Vital when the polls are bad.
M.A. Course for Potential Ministers. Pandering, sharpening the knife.
Planning for the future after electoral loss. The City, PR firms, board memberships.
Reading Selection. Macchiavelli,
Shakespeare‘s ‘Julius Caesar‘,
Frontinus’ 500 Ways to Outwit Your Opponent',
Creative Accounting for Beginners.

For more information go to
The right is reserved to deny responsibility for anything.

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