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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

My main job.

In case you didn’t know, I'm the government's Number One Salesman. Jason Bryggs. Appointed to sell whatever I can that's British, so the government can pay off the galactic National Debt with the proceeds. There wasn't much left to sell of the good old UK when I started, but thanks to my native creativity and true British grit, I've managed to sell the Isle of Wight, the SAS, Cambridge University, 800 churches, Philip Larkin, both Tates, Hackney Wick, and a few other assets which I'm not allowed to divulge under the new Freedom of Information Act.

As a result of my unstinting efforts I have a tidy little bonus. So I'm off as soon as this Covid stuff is over. South of France, and the PM can take his economic problem and spin it. I've run out of enthusiasm for being the Numero Uno salesman. There's nothing left to sell. Well, almost nothing.
In any event, I firmly believe the good old UK is about to be repossessed. What nobody knows is that, following the Covid mess, the PM has had to take out a mortgage on Great Britain with the Sino-Arabian Bank and the terms are not what you would call customer-friendly. In my humble, repossession is in the offing. So, it's almost time to shove off.

But until then I’ll keep on posting on this site what goes on behind Westminster’s virtual walls.

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