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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Brexit and Broken Britain Sliding Over the Cliff....

 The PM won't like this summary which appeared in the media today.



The National Debt has now passed £2 trillion

low taxes paid by the elite and the multinational companies

underfunded social care causing 30,000 deaths

spending on healthcare lowest % of GDP of rich nations

underfunded NHS causing how many deaths

MPs and Lords cost £2350million per annum in pay and expenses

£billions given to privatised rail and bus companies still

North/South divide

27th. in the world for education quality

most expensive university education

abnormally high house prices

unrepaired roads everywhere

lowest % of GDP spent on infrastructure

lowest % of GDP spent on power grid

highest energy costs in Europe

highest rail costs in Europe

London is money laundering centre of the world (£100bn plus) 


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