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Sunday, 13 December 2020

A total change from Brexit

 Many in Westminster are reading the new international thriller:

                                                      'The Contract Assassin'.

Financial leaders, dictators and ammunitions manufacturers are being assassinated around the world, but there is no apparent connection between the killings. Though the assassin leaves the authorities scrambling, the reader sees the murders as they happen. Are these killings revenge? Is there a vigilante who wants retribution? The assassinations take place in London, New York, Princeton, Paris, Toulouse, Venice, the Lebanon, Syria, Acapulco, the Gaza Strip, Nicaragua, Istanbul and even on a transatlantic flight...... Who is this assassin? What are his motives? And how is he able to avoid detection?

"A fast-paced international thriller, unusual - and a cracking read."

"A brilliant fictional piece but so much in tune with certain current events that it's right on the mark.”

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