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Saturday, 22 May 2021

Algorithms make for better Government.

 Recent studies have shown that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in making decisions on governmental issues provides better answers than the personal wishes of an egotistical leader or the discussions of a 24 person Cabinet.

Professor Incho Blink of the London School of Algorithmics said at a press conference today, “Our in-depth research has shown that AI can be of considerable benefit to both government and citizens. And most probably it would be more cost-effective in the long run. We have presented these results to the Prime Minister and to the Minister for Culture, Sport and Digital Affairs, from whom we expect to hear shortly.”

Examples of the studies have been published and are given below. They show the question put to the AI software, its answer, and its rationale for the answer.



1. What is the action that should be taken in the case of an international pandemic?

Answer: Immediate Lockdown 

Rationale: Inhibit spread of germ through social contact. 1 person infects on average 10, 10 - 100, 100 - 1000 and so on, quickly reaching millions of infected cases.


2. Will costs go up after Brexit?

Answer: Yes.

Rationale: Brexit means leaving the biggest trading bloc in the world, whence 62% of UK fresh food emanates and 78% of medical supplies. Customs duties etc will result in increase in living expenses of £200 per person per month.

3. Should tax-payer funds be spent on aircraft carriers and submarines?

Answer: No.

Rationale: Both can be destroyed easily by drones using sophisticated untrackable software.


4. Should taxpayer funds be spent on drones?

Answer: Yes.

Rationale: To protect British fisheries.

5. Should taxpayer funds be given as aid to foreign countries?

Answer: No.

Rationale: Charity for homeless and hungry begins at home.

6. Which people working for Britain should benefit from pay increases and which not?

Answer: NHS workers – Yes.  MPs. - No.

Rationale: Calculation based on usefulness to society.

7. Have Eton’s 26 Prime Ministers been good for Britain?

Answer: No.

Rationale: The last two are overseeing the demise of Britain’s economy and its

standing in the world.

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