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Thursday, 7 July 2022

Inside information on who will be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

 As back-benchers and ex-Ministers had little choice or enthusiasm for the apparent main contenders for this important role, of whom there were 27, it was decided to look outside Westminster.  Immediately, the following stepped forward:

1. Yasmine Aspriprinovich.

2. Herbert Higginbotham.

3. Chief Yakota of the Yakots Tribe,

4. Percy Bysshe Lurkin.

5. Four teenage offspring of the previous Prime Minister.

6. Abnu'l-Jarrah al Aswad Ibn Yafur Ibn'Abd al Aswad al-Tamini.


Regrettably, 4 of these were not British nationals.  4 were slightly under-age. 

This left Herbert Higginbotham who is expected to become the next Prime Minister.  Mr. Higginbotham is from the North of England, and a road-worker by profession. So the key promise of the Tory party and its government - 'levelling-up' - will remain in place.

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